The March Of The Reactionaries

Oh, ho ho ho. Jeremy Clarkson made one of his hilarious politically incorrect opinions live on the BBC’s nightly paean to Middle England oafishness The One Show yesterday. Just in time for Christmas, too. Of course, I am only too aware of the irony of joining, albeit in a miniscule and inconsequential way, this particular bun fight, but Clarkson, whether we like it or not, is as accurate a representative of modern Britain as it is possible to get, and the platform upon which he broadcast his hilariously politically incorrect views is one of the biggest media platforms that there is – prime-time on BBC1. His hilariously politically incorrect comments deserve our attention. Continue reading


Oh, Hello.

Some of you may remember this site from two or three years ago. Well, it’s back -for now, at least. The Box In The Corner will be a one-stop shop for anything that I decide that I want to vent my spleen¬†over that isn’t anything to do with football. Oh, who knows –¬†perhaps some other people will decide that they wish to contribute towards it as well. For now, though, I can only nudge the one or two of you that will chance upon this particular site in the direction of Dotmund, who is currently running a season on films to which I have contributed (although he hasn’t had the decency to publish it, at the time of writing). Fingers crossed, perhaps I will be able to recover a small sliver of my recently departing sanity.